Multifamily Financing

CommercialLoanMLS is a leader in multifamily property financing. We offer bank, institutional, and private money financing options for multifamily assets nationwide. We underwrite loans across multiple lenders simultaneously to ensure our clients attain the most competitive market rates and terms available.

Custom Loan Structuring & Negotiation

There are many different ways to structure multifamily loans. Not every transaction fits perfectly into what we call “the banker box.”  CommercialLoanMLS can provide customized loan terms, including recourse and non-recourse agreements, prepayment stipulations, partial interest only payments, no-fee extensions, and more.

Conventional Multifamily Financing

CommercialLoanMLS specializes in Multifamily property financing. Also referred to as portfolio loans, wholesale or conventional multifamily mortgages, these loans are funded by a bank or other institutionalized lender which does not securitize or sell their loans into capital markets. Because loans are not sold into the secondary market, terms may be more flexible than a securitized loan and it is typically serviced by the lender. Maximum leverage can range from 75-85% (in limited circumstances and areas). Personal guarantees are typically required, may be waived or limited on occasion, depending on the leverage and program.


Fannie Mae Financing

Fannie Mae financing is available nationwide in primary and secondary markets and is funded under the Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting Services (DUS) Program. These loans are for stabilized properties only with a minimum $750,000 loan amount with rates that can be fixed or floating. FNMA financing can be used for traditional multifamily properties, student housing, affordable housing, or independent senior living. Maximum leverage is 80% on purchases and 75% on refinances within designated areas. Loans may be recourse or non-recourse.

Freddie Mac Financing

A Freddie Mac Loan is a type of multifamily loan that is secured by a first-position mortgage on a traditional, student housing, senior housing, or affordable housing property. These mortgages may be held in the FHLMC portfolio (10% of mortgages) or sold to bond investors (90% of mortgages).

FHA Financing – HUD Multifamily Financing

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) guarantees these mortgages under the authority of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), making them available nationwide. FHA loans are for stabilized properties that have been in operating for at least 3 years (under the 223(f) program) or for the construction of large projects (under the 221(d)(4) program) and are underwritten for 35-40 year self-amortizing loans with attractive rates. FHA multifamily mortgages can be used for traditional multifamily properties, affordable housing, or senior living. Maximum leverage is currently 83.3% on purchases and 80% on refinances with a minimum loan amount of $5 million for purchase or refinance or $25 million for construction. Because the government guarantees these loans, they are always non-recourse, except standard carve-outs.

Conduit / CMBS Multifamily Loans

Conduit / CMBS loans are securitized loans that are pooled and sold on the secondary market. They are available nationwide in all markets and are available for stabilized properties with a minimum $2 million loan amount. CMBS multifamily loans are typically only for traditional multifamily complexes or independent senior living communities. Maximum leverage is 75% on both purchases and refinances and loans are always non-recourse.

CommercialLoanMLS is a Leader in Multifamily Financing

We provide different multifamily property loans, including conventional bank loans, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Conduit, and Private Money multifamily bridge loans.