Loan Types

Conforming Bank & Agency Loans

Permanent Loans provide competitive rates for stabilized buildings and A credit borrowers in need of long-term permanent financing. Permanent Bank loans are typically within 1% (+/-) of the Prime Rate and usually have a pre-payment penalty.

FLEX (Non-Conforming) Fixed-Rate Loans

FLEX Fixed-Rate Loans are non-conforming loans with 5 to 30-year fixed-rate terms and up to 30-year amortization. Underwriting guidelines are more flexible, providing long-term financing for borrowers and/or properties that don’t meet conventional guidelines. Rates and LTV limits are FICO score based.

Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans are flexible, interest only, short-term 1 to 3 year loans used to purchase, refinance, and rehab real estate. Bridge loans can be executed quickly, often in 14 to 21 days and are equity and income based, not credit score based.

Rehab Loans

Fix and Flip / Fix and Rent

Non-Conforming Fix & Flip – Rehab Loans are for borrowers intending to hold the property for 4 to 18-months before selling or refinancing. Experience is not required but does have an affect over rate and terms. These loans have less strict underwriting guidelines than institutional-grade conforming loans, offering competitive market rates for qualified properties and borrowers expanding their Fix & Flip – Rehab business.

Max LTC = 90 to 100%*

Max ARV = 75%


Loan is fixed for up to 3-years with interest only amortization. Loan is due at the end of the 1 to 3-year term. No prepayment penalty in most cases. Eligible properties include multifamily 5+ units, 1-4 unit residential, condos, office, retail, industrial, manufactured housing, self-storage, hotels, and healthcare. ICS Construction Loans are short-term interim loans designed for new construction and major rehab projects prior to securing long-term financing or disposition.

SBA Loans

SBA real estate loans provide competitive rates for business owners that intend to occupy 51% or more of their business real estate location to run their business. SBA rates are typically 2% – 3% above the Prime Rate. SBA offers construction loans for business owner-occupied properties

DSCR – Cash Flow Based Program

Rather than look at the personal income of our investors, this program looks at the monthly cash flow generated by the property compared to the debt. We do this using a metric called Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR). DSCR is calculated by dividing the monthly rent by the monthly principal, interest, taxes, insurance and association dues (PITIA). 

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