Retail Property Financing

We provide multi-tenant and single-tenant retail property financing nationwide, including long-term permanent financing and short-term bridge loans. In today’s lending environment, many retail property owners are finding it harder to secure retail financing, compared to multifamily and office properties, specifically non-service based retail. CommercialLoanMLS arranges retail property loans through our expansive network of 800+ lenders. We provide our clients more options, updated lending guidelines, and competitive terms, through one single point of contact.

Multi-tenant Retail Property Financing

Multi-tenant retail property permanent loan rates are typically based off the 6-Month LIBOR. Bridge financing is based off the Federal Prime Rate. While many institutional lenders have tightened their multi-tenant retail property guidelines, We are seeing an influx in multi-tenant retail property loan requests, given the low market rates currently available. We know who is lending, saving our clients time, and money

Single-tenant Retail Property Financing

Single-tenant retail property permanent loan rates are also typically based off the 6-Month libor, with bridge financing based off the Federal Prime Rate. We are seeing the same single-tenant lending parameters and underwriting guideline adjustments from our institutional lenders consistent with multi-tenant retail property financing.

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